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We offer a full heat loss and emitter design and advice service for both installers and end users of renewable energy products.


Heat Pump MIS3005 calculations

Installers of heat pumps are well aware of the implications of incorrectly sizing a ground or air source heat pump. Should the pump be too small, the property will not be heated adequately in cold weather. Conversely, an over sized heat pump will cost too much to run. Consequently, installers must complete substantial reports and heat loss calculations to prove they have dimensioned the heat pump adequately. 80 Twenty Renewable Designs service will complete the report, giving both the installer and the householder total peace of mind, that their property will be warm and comfortable all year round.

The Design

80 Twenty Renewable designs have years of experience in dimensioning heat pump solution and are able to provide room by room heat loss calculations which comply with MCS standards. This ensures that the heat pump you supply will be correctly sized for the householder.

Running cost estimation

As part of the MCS standard, prior to vending a heat pump solution, the installer has to provide a bespoke estimate of the performance of the heat pump, and its estimated running costs. Once 80 Twenty Renewable Designs have performed the full heat loss calculations for a property, we can also estimate the running costs for the heating and domestic hot water for the property.

Heating Emitter Guide

A heating engineer must ensure the heating emitters are adequately sized for the property. Heat pumps run at a cooler temperature than a fossil fuel heating system, and thus the heating distribution system needs to accommodate a cooler flow temperature. Undersized radiators, or inadequate under floor heating can result in high energy bills, or ever worse, the property being cold in the winter. 80 Twenty Renewable Designs will design the emiters which are perfect for both the building and the equipment providing the heating solution.


Heating Emitter Design Service

Need a more substantial heating emitter design? 80 Twenty Renewable Designs have over 5 years experience in designing under floor heating systems for some of the UK’s top under floor heating providers. Our experienced designers will design and draw the under floor heating solution, so you can cut out the middle man and remain competitive.


Let 80 Twenty Renewable Designs complete the calculations for you.

By using our service, installers can spend their valuable time looking after their customers and installing the renewable products instead of completing hours of complicated design work to ensure MCS compliance.

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Get 80 Twenty Renewable Designs to carry out your heat loss and emitter sizing calculations in order to help you keep your customers satisfied.